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Everyone has their own unique skin, thus skin care depends on the type of your skin. Grožio Galerija Dailios works only with high waulity and professional intruments, as well as the german brand, with impeccable reputation worlwide – Beauty Hills. The base of our cosmetics is aloe(an substance is exetracted that may cause alergic reactions) and colloidal silver. Thanks to these unique ingedients and the help of our professional team, every client can find a product and procedure, just for them. We guarantee noticible results after every procedure, but for long term results, home care ir required after procedures

Face procedures

Rejuvenating lifting face massage

This unique face lifting massage is for skin care from the age of 25. Unique massage techniques and systemized movements for the face, eye, decollete, neck and shoulder muscles are used during the procedure.

Procedure effects:

·                     Muslces and limph are moved

·                     Toxins are removed

·                     Muscles, responsible for the skins stiffnes, are toned and strenghtened

·                     Makes the tone of the face, neck and decollete better

·                     Activates circulation, lymphoma and tisse circulatinos

·                     Flattens out wrinkles

·                     Forms the countour of the face

·                     Helps remove double chin

·                     Makes the skin more lively and birghter

·                     Give the face a young shine

·                     Motivates cell regeneration

·                     Relaxes shoulder muscles

·                     Reduces eyelid swelling

A course of 8-10 procedures, 1-2 times a week (depends on the skin condition and wanted result) is recommended. After the course it is recommended to perform support procedures once a month. Afther the procedure course, the circulation system of the face will improve, it will be provided with the most inportant substances, that way the colour of the face will recover and aging will prevented. Eyelid, aswell as the whole face, will be less prone to swelling. The face countour will be highlighted.

Duration: 60 minutes  Price: 30 €  20 €

After the rejuvenating and firming massage course and home care, your skin will visibly be smoother, bighter and more elastic.

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