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Individual depilation courses

Why should you chose us?


·         16 hours of individual coures, resulting in the trainer fully focusing on you. All of you mistakes will be corrected.

·         Our courses are lead by our cosmetologist Rada Trumpickienė, who has  long work and training experience from Lithuania and Chicago (ISVA, Chicago,IL)

·         During our courses, everything is done with spatulas. No cassette waxes. Wanting to perform depilations professionally, mastering spatulas is needed, no matter what wax is used.

·         You will learn not only precise depilation techniques, but also stable communication with clients.

·         We highlight the msot subtle moments of depilation – brazilian womens depilation, full body depilation for men.

·         We provide our own models for the depilation.

·         We provide all the needed tools.

·         We introduce you to sugar depilations.

·         Our courses are adapted to your knowledge, so these courses are good for both starters, and the ones who want to improve.

·         Our courses can be lead in english and russian, also with the opportunity to shorten the program if needed.

·         Sertificates are given out after completing the program

·         The dates of the courses are adjusted by your needs

Duration: 16 hours

Price: 250 €

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