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Vacufit capsule

 Over the years, the human organisms vital systems disrupt, especially if a healthy life style is avoided. About 20% of the blood in the human body can be found in the arteries and veins, while the other 80% can be found in the arterioles and venules. The arterioles and venules are the first to disrupt. The products of metabolism arent removed from the body and they start building up in soft tissues, resulting in the organism becoming „poluted“. Pollutant removal is a very complicated process, but thanks to vacuum therapy, this is done quite easily. The vacuum creates unique conditions, so that the lymph and circulation systems are actively warmed up and also capillaries that arent working get „woken up“. This how the blood, lymph and extracellular fluid circulation speeds up not only in the skin, but also in the deeper tissues, tendon structures and the inner organs. Then appears an oppurtinity to remove all harmful substances from the ciculation system. When the motabolism normalizes, organ activity becomes more active. Metabolism products start being removed with urine and sweat. Skin itching shows that toxin removal has begun through the open spoers. Whats important is that you dont need to use any medicines. In the traditional recovery system, medicines only pollute the organism even more. While treating one organ, the side effects damage the other organs causing a loop without a good effect.



The infrared rays absorb the energy in the body's cells, which a physical reaction called resonance. This way blood flow and metabolism become more active , blood cells are filled with more oxygen,  all resulting in more enegery. The infrared waves are very useful while trying to lose weight. Th waves increase metabolism rates in the most important organs and endocrine glandulars, which causes increased loss of calories. Toxins and other harmful substances are removed from the body by intense sweating. Infrared rays increase heart beat and blood flow, which is important for keeping the organism healthy. The heart beat increases when bigger amounts of blood is moved from the inner organs to the limbs, whithout increasing blood pressure.

The vacuum

 makes the lymph circulation more active, induces the skin's microcirculation, increases the amount of leukocytes in the blood. The tissue becomes softer and the deeper layers of the skin are fes due to oxygen having an easier time moving through out the body. The skin becomes smoother and more elastic. Vaccum is the secret of effective treatment. It increases the burning rate of fat. The vacuum used during the procedure ameks the blood flow better in the areas where most fat is – thighs, buttocks, waist, stomach and in the skin. During the process pressure is used to improve lymph circulation and remove fluid excesses. The vaccum also smoothens the skin and increases its firmness and removes unwanted amounts of fat. The vacuum also heals old cellulites, decreases amounts of tissue swelling, scars left after surgeries, sagging skin layers which were left after pregnancy. After the procedure creams and masks are absorbed much better due to the increased blood flow. The VacuFit machine is a safe machine. It is recommended to use the VacuFit 3-4 times a week, about 30 minutes each session, until you reach your desired goals.

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