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Chiroplastinis back - hand massage

(According to France‘s Beauty Guru Pascal Coche)


The chiroplastic back massage is a special massage technique, that was created by Pascal Coche – a professor, kinesitherapist, France‘s esthetics school anatomy instructor and author of 25 massage techniques. Each massage technique is made in 2 years. With the help of a team of 120 professionals, the professor was able to accentuate the importance of each movement. During the massage the skin is made more firm and the muscles are toned, a new contour is made. Chiroplastic massages are a chance to regain the skins lost elasticity and muscle tones. The gentle and painless is an efficient technique to relax the muscles, lose pain, provide the skin with firmness, remove toxins and liquid overflow.

Duration: 30 minutes   Price: 25€

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