Chiroplastinis back - hand massage

(According to France‘s Beauty Guru Pascal Coche)


The chiroplastic back massage is a special massage technique, that was created by Pascal Coche – a professor, kinesitherapist, France‘s esthetics school anatomy instructor and author of 25 massage techniques. Each massage technique is made in 2 years. With the help of a team of 120 professionals, the professor was able to accentuate the importance of each movement. During the massage the skin is made more firm and the muscles are toned, a new contour is made. Chiroplastic massages are a chance to regain the skins lost elasticity and muscle tones. The gentle and painless is an efficient technique to relax the muscles, lose pain, provide the skin with firmness, remove toxins and liquid overflow.

Duration: 30 minutes   Price: 25€

Body wrap + face procedure

Your body is cleaned of with speacial body brushes, with their help, the circulation system and  lymph flow is activated, dead skin cells are removed from the skin. After that, a body massage is done, disposing of tension, stress and relaxing your muscles and mind. At the end of the massage you will be wraped in a special body sheet to create a thermo effect, which will intensify the massages effect. While your body is relaxing, a face massage will be done with feeding and moisturizing masks.

Durtaion: 2 hours   Price: 55€

Back masagge 

Enjoy a relaxing back massage that is able to relieve stress, tension and pain. Since the nerve fibers coming out through the holes in the vertabraes, cmoing from the spinal cord, make up 31 pairs of spinal nerves, which upset the body‘s and limb musceles skin and organs once they break down into nerve branches. While massaging the back, blood flow is increased while also relaxing the body. The blood full of oxygen has an easier time delivering useful substances. Regular back massages not only reduce stress, but also help produce happy hormones (serotonin, dopamine and endorphin). This is why back massages help fell happier and help deal with everyday problems.

Duration : 30 minutes  Price : 15€

Shoulder massage 

A massage for the neck and shoulders, where all of your problems, stress and fatigue accumulates. When we feel tension, the persons body forces them to put their shoulders up and lean forward. This way, the body tenses the muscles and we start to feel fail or a unpleasant tension in the neck, shoulder or back areas. This massage helps you relieve all of that pain and relax all of the muscles.

Duration: 20 minutes  Price: 10€

Feet and palm massage

Treat your feet to a special massage. During this procedure, the feet recieve a massage and wraping. This massage relieves tension and fatigue, relaxes, eliminates insomnia, restores spiritual and physical balance. During this kind of massage, all of the system functions are activated, regeneration is improves, stress is reduced. A foot wraping using Beauty Hills Thermo mask awaits you after the massage, aswell as palm therapy. The procedure is ideal if your feet and palms are contantly cold, you experience feet swelling or have constant fatigue, stress and tension.


Duration: 45 minutes   Price: 25